2015 - Present


BioDesign Studio, Museum of Innovation
Experience Design, Exhibition



Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards
2017 Finalist for General Excellence
2016 Finalist for Graphic Design & Data Visualization
2016 Finalist for Spaces, Places, Cities
2016 Finalist for User Experience Interaction Design Awards
2017 Finalist for Engaging

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The BioDesign Studio is a permanent exhibition at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. For the first time ever, it makes the burgeoning — and complex — fields of synthetic biology, bioengineering, biological design and DIY biology accessible to the public in an engaging and tangible way. To demystify these cutting-edge fields and technologies, visitors are able to play, tinker and design with the building blocks of life - literally.


Museum of Innovation


Product Designer
3D Designer


Creature Creation Station

The goal of Creature Creation Station is to give visitors a design challenge based introduction to the fundamentals of synthetic biology. Visitors mix and match a kit of tangible building blocks with specific functions (that represent real-world DNA parts) to program and explore how biological circuits are constructed. Final creature designs live and interact in the immersive simulation space.



Pattern Design

Emergence, or the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, is fundamental to life. Many biological systems, from the molecular to organismal, are compelling examples of its power. The goal of Pattern Design is to introduce visitors to this fundamental biological concept through the familiar lens of one such emergent system: animal coat patterns.

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